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30 Apr

(TV: Rose, The Unquiet Dead, Dalek, Father's Day, Army of Ghosts) Her father died when hit by a car while she was still a baby.

Unable to actually fly the time machine, she was forced to simply stare into its heart, which enfolded her in time vortex energy and turned her into a new and seemingly omnipotent being that could rescue the Doctor. Only the Ninth Doctor could absorb the time vortex energy and transfer it back to the TARDIS — a traumatic act that naturally triggered regeneration.

She thus became one of only three companions — along with Peri Brown and Wilfred Mott — to be the proximate cause of the Doctor's regeneration.

(TV: Rose) When Rose was fourteen she had a crush on Jay Selby, the brother of her clubbing friend Keisha. She'd never really been able to talk to him properly until five years later when she helped him to escape the Waterhives.

(PROSE: The Feast of the Drowned) She left school aged sixteen to pursue a romantic relationship with local Jimmy Stone, which ended badly and apparently led to her lack of A levels.

The storyline then took a drastic turn and Paul ended up in bed with Will after sparks flew between the two.They hit the sheets in the January 8th episode of the series, leading to several shirtless scenes.