What is dating rules from my future self

22 Dec

Might come across as a shitty attitude to have, but I see no need to be a full time father to someone else’s children and a part time father to my own.

I’m not going to simply repeat his rant here, but I did have a couple of items of note to mention, namely: 1.

I never seriously date a woman who terminated her last relationship because she wasn’t “happy”.

Tinder is kinda weird in that it’s all photo based. Who knows how many times I’ve been left or right swiped.

Kinda weird in that the men may, usually not, write a tiny blurb about themselves. Unlike the soul crushing feature of Match that shows you exactly how many times your profile has been looked at (and subsequently passed over), Tinder doesn’t.

I myself am independent and feel no need to tell everyone about it. Being able to take care of yourself doesn’t make you special, it makes you “grown folks”.Second, if you are that independent, why are you looking for a relationship in the first place? I prefer to set expectations low and be pleasantly surprised than than to get excited and ultimately disappointed. That I would run far and fast rather than stay and turn into the crazed nut-bag that I have proven myself to be when I liked someone. Yes, believe it or not, I have some significant walls built up around me that it would take the most patient of men to penetrate. And even at that, there are many many things that I don’t even share on here. Not that the women were so shitty, but that he didn’t see them coming from a mile a way. While not being a raging liberal, we definitely have some differing views. Do I think it might be fun to have a faceless ‘fling’? The recap of my date from last night will have to wait while I continue to overthink the offhanded comment made by my friend and proceed to write another annoyingly introspective post that isn’t in the least bit interesting or entertaining. For those of you that actually have a life and have not been with me since the beginning of this, what I hoped would be, short lived blog over the past 7 years (that honestly just hurt me to type that), here’s a quick recap of all things Grey Goose. It’s been a very long time since a handsome man sidled up next to me at a bar, or on the street and struck up a conversation. But does it really count as ‘dating’ if I only meet each man once? I think it counts as 8 (well 9 by the time this publishes) men that I’ve met. 9 men that have screened me to see if I would meet their requirements for a future whatever. I went into each date with fairly low expectations. I was excited about meeting the 1st one but could tell pretty much off the bat that there was nothing there. I didn’t think there was anything there on his part and then, surprise! Too bad it was more of a booty call interest than a dating one. A man that writes me long messages, has a killer vocabulary (I find that a huge turn on – yes, I’m still a nerd at heart) and who just seems nice. There is less of a chance that they will turn into assholes and play mind games. I swore I would run the other direction if I met someone that I had chemistry with. He was polite and complimentary and even brought me a gift. He has traditional values, is respectful and kind and not only asked me some really interesting questions, but listened for the answers. It deflects from my dates asking me anything personal. He told me the stories and I honestly couldn’t believe it. Might be fun to try and then if I chicken out, who cares? ’ has not been responded to yet as the prudish side of me wonders if he is about to send me something filthy. And, for those of you that don’t suffer from the amazingly exhausting and annoying affliction of overthinking things, you’re welcome for the peek into my brain. Hey, I’m just as surprised as you are that there is a part 2 to this. Most of them were not, upon looking back, good ones. Somewhere along the way I began to believe what they told me instead of what I knew to be true. It hasn’t been since my 20s that I have met and dated men ‘organically’. This is a personal preference I developed after having discussions with my own children.Mine have been through enough already, I’m the Dad and feel I am doing what is best for my children, they were here first.