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22 Jun

The NCS last night said they had discontinued its You Tube advertising, adding that the delivery of its message in a safe and appropriate environment was 'of the utmost importance'.

The company's brazen video showcased a sex and drugs holiday on a Colombian island off the coast of Cartagena. The trip from November 24 to 27 was explicitly advertised as a 'sex island experience'.

The video starts by advertising the holiday’s more prosaic benefits such as airport transfers being included.

A spokesman for You Tube told The Times: 'We take child safety on You Tube very seriously.

When we find behaviour on You Tube like uploading, commenting or engaging in any type of activity that targets or sexualises minors, we take action and terminate user accounts.'You Tube also said that it works closely with leading child safety organisations to report illegal activity to law enforcement.

Nassar is to be sentenced for these crimes next month.'He abused my trust, he abused my body, and he left scars on my psyche that may never go away,' Mc Kayla Maroney - another Olympian - told the sentencing court.A wildly erotic advertisement for a Colombian sex tourism company has been removed from You Tube.And the account for Good Girls Company, which claims to be an 'all-inclusive erotic resort,' has been suspended by the video-sharing website's moderators.The sex offender uploaded a total of 133 videos, which have been viewed 639,240 times, generating up to £867 a year.It comes after You Tube was criticised for failing to properly moderate the service.'He needs to be behind bars so he will never prey upon another child.; Accusations against Nassar received extensive coverage after he was removed from his post in 2015.But You Tube, which is owned by Google, has retained his channel and continued placing adverts in his videos.