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02 May

But it's actually a bigger knock on Facebook since the "cat pictures" app is Facebook's primary gig, and so far it's only a side gig at Google.

It's a pity that he chose to withdraw it, it would be great if high profile people like Steve could say stuff like this and stand by it without having to fear for fall-out.

After all, the big winners from a piece like this are Google and Amazon, Amazon obviously have some big problems (see Nirvana's post above) and the sooner it gets to the attention of their top level execs the better.

It is well written, it's entertaining, it's funny, it's insightful.

Most importantly, it's right (about platforms at least, and from what I've heard, about Amazon and Google's culture).

At least not on a broad basis, and none of the main services ran on it in 2007. This presentation contains some fairly detailed information about the migration to AWS.tl;dr The organic migration to AWS started in 2006 and continues to this day. When I left in early 2007 they were working on the transition.More recently I heard that they were substantially if not totally on the AWS infrastructure. I'm sure sometime in 2007 or 2008 a directive went down that people had to build new stuff on AWS." to which the answer was, of course, "No, it's not workable at such a scale." I imagine there was a large amount of hardware sharing early on and that could be construed as sharing infrastructure; a number of the answers in that session were rather evasive. At that time, there were some minor services that made some use of AWS services, mostly newer things that had been created after AWS was created.AWS was not available to developers within Amazon to use at any time before the day it was publicly launched. I was in a position to know this because I had my hands deep in the retail site as part of my but we all figured this out earlier because EC2 and S3 downtime would never correspond with downtime - which made it obvious that the 'use the infrastructure we use' line was complete bullshit.