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03 Jul

It is recommended that students have their results sent to all six TACs even if at the time they are not sure where they would like to study. It is recommended to take the following principles into consideration: aa.If advised to apply directly to the university, check the university’s website for contact details, application process and recognition policies.In general Diploma Programme candidates will need to have been awarded the diploma as a minimum entry requirement, although those who have not may apply for discretionary entry or special consideration.The below statements outline the specific recognition considerations for each country, and when applicable, include any official agreements or policies from the national or state governing bodies.Each statement is an important indication of the impact an IB education has across the globe.

Australian citizens who have graduated with the IB diploma have their score converted to an index (ATAR equivalent) which enables them to be compared to students who complete the state curricula in Australia.Please note that the ATAR conversion is higher in South Australia, Northern Territories and with the University of Tasmania.MINISTERIAL RESOLUTIONS FOR IB GRADUATES FROM ABROAD Validations are the administrative procedure by which academic validity is granted to a certain qualification in order to undertake higher education than the level being recognized. It is the responsibility of the Diploma Programme coordinator to inform students of this requirement.For further information on recognition of qualifications and diplomas, contact the studies and diplomas recognition department in the Argentinean Secretariat of Education for the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology: Departamento de Validez Nacional de Títulos y Estudios Secretaría de Educación del Ministerio de Educación, Ciencia y Tecnología de la Nación Argentina Montevideo 950 (1026) Buenos Aires Argentina Tel.: ( 54 11) 4129 1000, ext. The diploma itself is only legalized in exceptional circumstances when required.There is no national centralized administration that controls university admission or placement across Australia, but each State or Territory has a Tertiary Admission Centre (TAC) that receives and processes domestic applications to most institutions in that State or Territory (please note that in Tasmania this is the University of Tasmania).These TACs oversee the admissions process and notify applicants of university placement offers.