Updating tomcat

05 Apr

to their original locations (applicable only when upgrading to same major version of Apache Tomcat only, for example 7.x to 7.x or 8.x to 8.x! Alternatively, you can set up an HTTPS connection for Apache Tomcat for ERA Web Console manually according to our Knowledgebase instructions (recommended).We need to copy the files from the core lib directory that we just downloaded, to the lib directory inside the installed tomcat.Before we do that, it would be wise to copy the C:\railo\tomcat\lib directory to use as a backup in case anything goes wrong.Occasionally, more than just the libraries will need to be updated, but this varies by update, so watch the release notes to see if anything outside the core libraries was updated (e.g.web applications, windows service, controls, etc.). To update the Tomcat libraries, simply take the following steps: STEP 1 - Shut Down Railo/Tomcat It could be problematic to copy over libraries while the server that utilizes them is still running, so stop the Railo/Tomcat server before proceeding with the Tomcat Upgrade.

Therefore, $CATALINA_HOME needs to be an absolute path to your tomcat installation directory, e.g.

If you plan on upgrading again, you might consider setting $CATALINA_HOME to /opt/tomcat, then you would create a symbolic link from /opt/tomcat to /opt/apache-tomcat-8.0.18 or whatever future version you end up installing.