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27 Jul

Those for oils were usually tapering in shape, with a long narrow neck.

The seeds are used locally as a spice and the oil is occasionally used in soaps. The heartwood of the stems and roots is scented and used for making joss sticks and as an incense in temples.

Alabastrum A vessel or pot used in Roman times to hold perfumed oils and unguents.

Anisic aldehyde, for example, provides the scent of hawthorn, while decylic aldehyde is used in reproducing the odours of violet, orris, neroli, cassie flowers, rose and orange.

Aldehydes can also give perfumes a distinctly individual fragrance of their own.

Aldehyde An important group of chemicals, derived from alcohol and some natural plant materials.They form one of a number of chemical groups known as benzenoid compounds which were discovered at the end of the 19th century and are used in manufacturing synthetic materials for modern perfumes.It has a large root from which a red dye, called Alkanna or Alkanet, is extracted by maceration in oil, fat or alcohol.