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09 Jun

If directed well, I believe this movie could be huge. And add in the mysticsm aspect of the story (how Claire mysteriously falls back in time 200 yrs after finding a circle of stones while walking through a Scottish forest in the 1940's) and it'll hook a lot of people. The story gets really good as the books progress, especially when Claire leaves, then returns back in time 20 yrs later (man I cried when they reunited)...then they go to America and became patriots in the Independence War.Essential has fast-tracked the project and is hoping to quickly get it into production sometime next spring.I'm not at all familiar with the books, so we'll rely on Amazon reviewers to provide some further insight. No director has been chosen yet, although the screenplay is currently out to filmmakers.The series, which began in 1991 with the novel "Outlander", tells the story of Claire Randall, the time-traveling wife of an 18th century Scottish Highlander named Jamie.

As a matter of pure coincidence, I just started listening to Outlander on Audiobook this week and now I find this news.I had never read past the 4th book, so I am doing this and am anxious to get to Parts 5 and 6 which will be new to me.Quite frankly, I'd rather see this as a 12-hour mini-series on HBO, where they can really delve into the story.10 First, its been optioned before, as a TV mini-series but the option expired.

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