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23 Mar

(10) Obviously, not everyone who uses social media has a mental health issue.

(2) People who stuck with two or less platforms experienced a decreased risk of depression and anxiety compared to those engaging with seven to 11 different platforms, even after controlling for other issues that could contribute to mental health illness and total time spent on the platforms.

Though seven platforms sounds like a lot, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, You Tube, Twitter and Linked In add up to seven.

Interestingly, one small study from 2010 found that narcissistic people with low self-esteem were more active on Facebook.

(8) That’s in line with another study that found that being addicted to Facebook often predicted narcissistic behavior and low self-esteem.

Researchers first identified study participants who were previously diagnosed with depression.Next, they used machine-learning tools to identify patterns in the people’s posts.The more often people used Facebook over a two-week period, the more their life satisfaction levels declined, no matter why they were using Facebook or how big their Facebook network was.(4) Though the study looked at just two weeks, it’d be interesting to see what the cumulative life satisfaction toll would be over months and years.