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15 Apr

There’s a lot of sexualizing of young people in terms of portraying their bodies, but not portraying positive [relationships]. I argue that you want to have a positive vision that you can lay out there, not a vision of keeping sex away from you. A lot of times people do realize that adolescents are supposed to develop autonomy during that phase of life, but that doesn’t get applied to sex, or it is interpreted narrowly as ‘Just say no’ or in adversarial terms.Just as we have a lack of language to talk about togetherness, there’s also a desire for more of it, I think.When people see something in another culture that resonates inside, they think, I want that too. There’s a strong belief in the Netherlands that youth can be in love — boys as well as girls — that makes sex in many ways seem safer and more contained because it’s embedded in a relationship.MORE: What Teen Sex on “Glee” Really Teaches Kids It seems terribly sad to me that we view teenage love as being about “just hormones” and teen boys as incapable of being in love — but then we turn around and bemoan this culture of “hooking up,” when we’ve basically given adolescents no space to actually have loving relationships.

There wasn’t this association between teen sex and danger and lives ruined that we have in this country. Coming out of the sexual revolution, the Dutch really decoupled sex from marriage, but they didn’t decouple sex from love.

If the first piece is that there weren’t these immediate associations of teen sex with danger, the second is that it remained anchored in the concept of steady relationships and young people being in love.

The American AIDS rate is three times greater than that of the Dutch. For starters, two-thirds of Dutch parents report allowing their teenage children to have sleepovers with their boyfriend or girlfriend, a situation even the most liberal American parents would rarely permit.

It was handled very differently than what I’d seen in the Netherlands.

Connectedness between parents and teens is critical for teen well-being, not just sexually. A lot of sex education doesn’t recognize diversity around sex.

I don’t just mean differences in orientation, but differences in the pace at which young people develop and also the diversity in cultural values.

[The Dutch] say, ‘We permit so we can control,’ and that’s also their attitude toward drugs and prostitution. That idea of, ‘It’s actually a form of control,’ is for most people in the U. MORE: Study: Legal Medical Marijuana Doesn’t Encourage Kids to Smoke More Pot What’s interesting about that is that there is a certain pessimism that underlies it.

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