South park dating sim walkthrough

24 Apr

You can turn the water on if you'd like in the shower.

Fatty Doo Doo DVD, Crank Prank Time Phone, [STRENGTH POTION], [DOUBLE CHIN], and a Coon Poster in the night stand. Cartman's room you can find [UNDERPANTS] (1/5), Cash, Black Thunder, Purple Passion, and a Jack Rabbit in the upper right night stand.

In the upper left night stand you will find a Crack Pipe, [BLUNT WIG], [PURPLE DYE], Antonio Banderas Love Doll, and The Milkman.

Get on the toilet and smash the button prompted on the screen to fill the bar and recheck the toilet for a [SHIT NUGGET], we will need to use this in battle for an achievement later.

Under the sink you can grab an Old Sponge and a Rusty Pipe, along with cash in the far left drawer.

Cartman will teach you how to use items, heal yourself.

You will want to fart on the cat in the upper left corner 20 times to unlock an ACHIEVEMENT.

*Achievement Unlocked - Acceptance* Now you must select your class.

You will need to play through some of the game once as the Jew class for an achievement, so let's start with that. Now open your inventory and equip it to start a cut scene.

Choose your skin tone, hair style with color, and clothes.

After the next cut scene you will gain control of your character.

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