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29 Dec

Our library has a train table stocked with Brio, but my son has soured on it because all the other toddlers come by and take over his creations.

I do recommend the Melissa and Doug on this one, unless you want to get really serious and get a classroom-quality set.

Just as with the train set, these are excellent for open-ended, imaginative play.

), and lots of good patterns, tutorials, and completed versions are available on Etsy and Pinterest.

Barbie is for people who don’t care about being commercial or who have fond memories about her from childhood.

One published in 2001 tracked 37 preschoolers and found that those who had more sophisticated block play got better math grades and standardized test scores in high school. For your toddlers, don’t even bother with those stupid Megablocks.And a 2007 study by Dimitri Christakis, director of the Center for Child Health, Behavior and Development at Seattle Children’s Hospital, found that those with block experience scored significantly better on language acquisition tests. Get Duplos, and move up to normal Legos when the youngest child has stopped eating everything in sight. She makes babies out of Lego men and stuffed animals and anything else she can get.But they also cost a rather shocking 5, and the non-AG 18″ dolls available have greatly increased in quality since my doll days.The really granola people will make or buy a soft Waldorf doll (there’s still time before Christmas to be just like Laura Ingalls Wilder’s ma!