Reliance voice chat number will smith dating

27 Dec

For Android Phones Jio4GVoice is currently supported only on Smartphones with Android OS v4.1 & above or i OS v 9.0.1 & above for Android Phones.

I was however, forced to continue paying for internet for the entire month that I didn’t get internet for, again through no fault of my own. The bill arrived in June again for the same monthly rental amount. I paid the bill thinking maybe it was for the 5-6 days in May that I used the internet for before I disconnected the services. I called the Customer Care requesting reason for said continued bills.

I had enough, and in 2010 decided to disconnect their services, and move on to MTNL, a sound provider of internet, one that I knew would make a better choice for me. Was informed that until the Telephone Device, Modem and Connecting Cables were collected from the customers residence bills would continue since the service was not yet stopped.

When I said that I would not do that without accepting a proper summons and chance to respond to that with my lawyer the person claiming to be a Reliance Lawyer disconnected the line.

Mobile Number : Using tracking technology the Location of the mobile number was traced to — Airtel Mobile, Rajasthan.

The employees refused to take the Telephone Device since they insisted it was not their job. But since no one had come even TWO MONTHS AFTER DISCONNECTION OF SERVICES.I was informed that I could dispose of the device as I saw fit since NOW no one would come to collect it. Device disposed off (actually kept carefully until the Reliance team came and collected it about a year later) & FINAL BILL PAID AND CLEARED.I would assume at this point the High Court would take action against the company’s blatant disregard for the law, and wrongful impersonation of the Honorable High Court Justice / Lawyers.