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29 Dec

The band from Saint Leonards in the UK has done it again!Remember, larva prefers to feed in protected places.If you want to find larvae use such tools for searching: How to get rid of carpet beetles larvae?f you noticed carpet beetles in your residence, then it’s time to “beat an alarm”.Not only your carpets but also clothes as well as certain fabrics are in great danger.

Some fantastic renditions, some not as good, but in general it is a great effort!You will find some very fine bands like The Blue Dress, Astragal, A Certain Smile or Battery Point covering Heavenly, Secret Shine, Another Sunny Day, The Field Mice and more!Varied carpet beetles are smaller than the black ones.Common Carpet Beetles are round, black or yellow bugs.The Blog that Celebrates Itself: the popular blog from Brazil run by Renato Malizia has put together on a Bandcamp a compilation of bands covering Sarah Records releases.It is quite an interesting comp, with different results.When it comes to carpet beetle larvae, it can be very harmful.You can find larvae in rugs, carpets, clothing, blankets, slippers or certain soft materials.