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27 May

My single friends said they could only meet people through online dating due to their work schedules and limited social energy.

f there’s one thing about the United States’ current political moment everyone can agree on, it’s how polarized we are.

Perhaps nowhere is this polarization more visible than in the world of online dating, where a growing number of singles are indicating whether or not being a supporter of our misogynist-in-chief is their #1 dealbreaker.

On, you can take part in an official tournament nearly every night of the week for prizes and a podium finish, and that’s not to mention the host of privately organized tournaments! Look forward to riveting live analysis for all the top tournaments from commentators like Klaus Bischoff (German Champion 2013), Daniel King, Maurice Ashley and many more! A comprehensive training program with international titled players. – Ideas and strategies in Grandmaster games can be quite instructive.

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And it was a visionary woman who saw the potential first.

In 1964, an enterprising Englishwoman named Joan Ball founded the world’s first viable commercial dating service.

For Ball, using data to match people wasn’t just a solution to a romantic problem, but an economic one as well.

In 1960s London, women’s jobs paid little, and women were unable to leave the house at night without a male escort or qualify for mortgages without having a male relative co-sign.

There is training on offer for players of all strengths and abilities – including private lessons. On you will always find an opponent suited to your level – because you decide how strong your opponents are, as well as the time on the clocks – and whether the game will be rated or not.

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