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27 Jan

If you put your mouse into the video player and attempt to fast forward, you’ll notice small gray dots, which indicate advertisements.Video resolutions cap out at 480p, though, which is too bad if you’re looking for super high-quality videos.If viewing movies and TV shows on a very large, high definition screen, this relatively low quality will surely be noticed.You can move left to right in each genre to find all the movies and shows that belong in it.When you choose a video, you can find all the details you can see on Crackle's desktop site, such as the cast, description of the video, and rating.

You can also share the video over social networks, SMS, or email.

The CC/SUB settings I described above in the "Player Options" section is also available in Crackle's mobile app, which certainly surprised me.

Though adjusting the subtitles like this may simply be preferred if you're watching a movie that's primarily dark or light so you can apply the opposite effect to make the text readable.

I also like that Crackle's movies and TV shows can be displayed in full-screen mode to get that theater-like experience at home.

The shorter the video you’re watching, the fewer advertisements you’ll see, which seems appropriate.

For example, a 20-minute episode of a TV show has three advertisements whereas a movie that’s an hour and a half may have as many as nine.

In the video player, you can open the CC/SUB options and change the language, adjust the font type and size, alter the foreground, background, and border color, as well as adjust the opacity of the text.

Unfortunately, the closed captions settings you configure do not apply to any video but the one you're watching.