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02 Apr

The duo attempted to hide their watery antics by draping towels over the screen, but we all knew what was going on, didn't we?And I think that I’ve consciously separated my two lives.’Mila – who is currently dating her former That ‘70s Show co-star Ashton Kutcher - added that while she is lusted after on the job, she remains normal outside of the spotlight and attempts to forget about the fame.‘I think that if I bought into the hype, I would lose all sight of who I am, and so much of who I am is what my parents went through and instilled in me. She told the magazine about her following of political happenings: ‘I find it all to be incredibly entertaining. There’s Wolf Blitzer.” Like two drinks in, I just start talking.I went to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner with Wolf Blitzer. saw a bunch of the housemates getting in the nuddy, covering themselves in clay and rubbing up against the walls – really – but it was poor Tom's post-Melanie massage, red-shorted excitement that got everyone gasping at their screen.3. He might have spent his days moaning about people weeing in the shower, but in the evenings Mr Sibley was all about playing a "game" called Follow the Van.We wish we could give you an official rule book, but from what we can gather, it mainly involved following a little toy van with your lips and kissing wherever it rested on your fellow housemate's body. duos to get somewhat closer under the duvet – and changing one letter in PJ's name will give you a pretty good idea what they may have been up to.

We're not sure whether all that steam was from the water or from them... While technically there was nothing going on between them, we can never look at one of our favourite biscuits in the same way after hearing Mario purr: "Just dunking my custard cream into this hot juicy tea." BLEARGH.14.Steven and Kimberly "open it" – Big Brother 15"Open it." Those two words on their own are so innocent. But we will never be able to hear them again and not feel a little bit nauseous – couple Steven and Kimberly.Als je al Engels spreekt dan zul je het snel oppikken, maar er zijn hele ladingen woorden in de Australische taal die je niet in andere Engels talige landen vindt. Bananabender - inwoner van de Australische staat Queensland. Hele boeken zijn er mee gevuld maar de lijst op deze pagina zal je in de meeste situaties helpen. Aussie - inwoner van Australie, ook gebruikt om iets Australisch te beschrijven: the Aussie barbie. Hughie, Ryan, and something we never ever want to hear again – Big Brother 17Just when we thought Marco and Laura had brought us the most awkward scene to watch with our mums, Hughie and Ryan slipped under the duvet for a drunken fumble.That would all have been fine and dandy (not much different to things we'd seen before) if it wasn't for the post-coital chat.Stuart was still dressed in a policeman's hat from a stripper task earlier, but all we could see when they got under the table was toes curling (really). But to be honest, their rumpy-pumpy is mostly memorable for the moment when Kemal got fed up with having to sleep next to them, moaned about them searching for a magazine deal, was drenched in water by an angry Maxwell, and smirked: "At least someone got wet tonight... pool (prompting Craig and Orlaith to jump out of it quicker than if it had turned into hot lava).