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27 Jun

As for what else could be at work, Nozad suggests that a focus on looking after other Iranians is key.Not included on the list, which doesn’t claim to be comprehensive: serial entrepreneur Anousheh Ansari, an engineer who, in 2006, became the first Iranian in space.She made the trip several days after her 40th birthday.Speaking of the Iranians he knows, he calls them “all really kind and caring and compassionate,” a trait that he insists extends to the corporate workplace. Nozad is himself known as a masterful networker and has created a welcoming atmosphere at Pear, formerly called Pejman Mar Ventures.“We are raised to care for each other and I think we treat companies like family, too.” Certainly, Khosrowshahi seems to have won over employees at Expedia, more than 2,200 of whom gave him such high marks that he was recently ranked 39 of 100 of the top-rated CEOs in the U. (Strictly VC reported on its micro community in the making back in 2014.) Further, he notes, in Palo Alto, San Francisco and Vancouver, a broader swath of Iranians and Iranian-Americans meet up in informal Friday breakfasts called Noon Barbari — named after a popular Persian flatbread that’s eaten with a cheese like feta or jam.

Like a lot of people with something to prove, many Iranians have had a lot to overcome in order to get to the U.S., and they don’t take life in this country for granted.Guests can come and leave any time, but they know that networking, support and a free flow of ideas is always on the menu.Yet a third factor may come into play, suggests Nozad, whose family fled from Tehran to Germany in the 1980s, and who famously sold rugs to tech millionaires before becoming a full-time investor.

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