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23 Feb

It was not the first time she had been multiple fingered and licked and her clit sucked at the same time – she knew what I was doing and from experience I would say knew how to make sure she got the maximum move herself to get the maximum pleasure and it didn’t take her long and she began to move and moan – she was cumming and as she did I went down on her harder as I knew she would start to buck and bounce and try and dislodge me.

I think I can handle kissing you – I kiss other girls so I should be able to handle that.

I occasionally have a girly with one of the girls at college – there are a few that are bi and a couple of lessies.

I rather like them – I couldn’t believe it the first time and now I don’t hesitate – we have had some amazing times – I can always guarantee an orgasm with them – we do great oral.

I occasionally will go down on a guy but I have to be really in the mood.

As I walked to my room I past my sisters room and the door was shut – that was the no visitor sign we had adopted – I guessed she could have been masturbating.The thought of her doing it got me thinking of how good looking she was – she had just turned 17 and her body was fantastic – a real good looking chick – the guys would be all over her if they weren’t already.I got my hand down to her pussy and fingered her and it was cool – there was no cum left in her that I could feel.- and I kissed her neck down to her nipples and kissed and sucked on each one, then down to her belly button and slowly down to her vagina which was now exposed as she had spread her legs in anticipation.I didn’t hesitate – I spread her lips with my fingers and licked her slit.As it went in I could feel the difference – it was are really good at this – I think I will be looking for this more often now we have done it once – it looks like the beginning of a great relationship – incest or not – I like it. I just kept fucking and she just let her tits swing then I began to feel her pushing back as I was going in and I said are you going to cum.Maybe I wont be going out as often – we can stay home and do this all night and e swinging now and rocking against her cheeks as I slid into her.

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