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18 Mar

There's a sweet, sweet spirit in this place, And I know that it's the Spirit of the Lord; There are sweet expressions on each face, And I know they feel the presence of the Lord. We went a long way in that direction, and that was my greatest encouragement.

SEPTEMBER BROUGHT The freshmen out to meet up with the big kids for moonball and marsh-mallows. Above: Fatherly Badger rebukes Toad for his mis-behavior.

Below: Bethelites relax with marshmallows after a hard-fought moonball game. Dussel unwraps his Hanukkah gift from Anne - earplugs. Right: Mole and Water Rat con-sole Toad after another of his wild adventures.

Turner, Duane (Photo Editor); Norton, Mary (Copy Editor); Joling, Dan (Copy Editor); Ferrario, Steve (Sports); Norton, Mary (Activities); Damon, Jamie (Dorms); Coyour, Bonnie (Dorms); Sanders, Kurt (Organizations); Joling, Dan (Student Life); Johnson, Ruth (Sports); Rutzen, Doug (Art Work); Starr, Jack (Art Work); Helman, Judy (Layout); Enchelmayer, Peter (Business Manager); Photographers: Johnson, Doug; Auch, Galen; Kendall, Jeff; Darrow, Jan; Johnson, Ruth; Ferrario, Steve; Hackett, Jim; Butler, Steve; Kregness, Anderson, Steve; Curt; Okerlund, Larry; Anderson, Don; Payne, Randy; Images are available for educational and research purposes and are covered by Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial 3.0 Unported license. The relief projects for Africa's starving and the homeless in Honduras following the hurricane, gave Bethel students an awareness of and a chance to do something significant for some of the personal problems of other people we usually never think about.

This image may not be reproduced for commercial purposes without the express written consent of Bethel University Digital Library. And even in the Senate meetings themselves, the attitude of love and respect for one another as Christians with a common goal was present even during disagreements.

a place of fun Thou crownest the year with thy goodness. Mike and Phil brought us back west with some folksy sing-alongs. Del Hampton won first place ho-nors with a Custard Rhubarb pie. Bruce Thielemann, Dean of the Chapel, Grove City College; and Dr. Macadam Al Arasim Mike's Mother Denise Anderson John Mortar Brent Bostrom Milly Cindi Munson Rex Skinner Steve Rognrud Queenie Mary Frances Fiess Rev. Mike Stair 44 45 46 MOODS '75 Moods '75 brought memories, hopes and thoughtfulness to the minds of Bethel students through its portrayal of "Photo Album." Narrated by Dan Joling, the program featured snaps of feeling experienced by a father as he leafed through photographs with his small son.

The spit band played some jug band music and taught the uninitiated some respect for the kazoo as a musical in-strument. ) A Season to Remember— HOMECOMING '74 Below: Hostess candidates (from left to right): Kathy Koetter, Debra Grassman, Julie Berg Shirley Van Wambeke, Sue Berglund and Claudia Mott. Above left: Doc Rodgers reads some bedtime stories at the Oct. Right: Jack Lousma, Skylab 3 astronaut, ad-dressed interested students in a convocation on the "Quality of Life in America." Left: . and now a word from our campus co-ordinators "NIKPMUP." ("Nikpmup" is the Swedish equivalent of "Halloween.") Left: What are all these people doing in Dean Pas-son's barn9 (answer below) Below: ... Below left: Judges Jeff Miller and Dan Freeburg sample pies for the Wigs Nilroc-Brina Yansboom Pie Bake Contest. 38 The Diary of Anne Frank CAST Above: Peter distracted by homework doesn't no-tice Anne's distraction. Bcb Smith, and Dean Gordon Johnson and Berkeley Mickelsen of the Seminary, included: Alvin Dark, Manag-er of the Oakland "A's"; Gloria Roe, singer, composer; Dr. Gardner Taylor, Pastor; Corrie ten Boom, author; Dr. 42 43 SNOW DAZE-SWISS WAZE SCREWTAPE CAST Wormwood Karl Shafer Screwtape Steve Jergenson Slumtrimpet Holly Van Vonderen Judy Linda Erickson Mr.

" Two of our perennial favorites: the Bo Conrad Spit Band and Mike Monroe and Phil Kitchen. O t Below Left: The Nik Frogs crack the books together in the LRC. THE Ess AG'-,' iv' HEAR) DEct_ARL) IJOHN Speakers at Founder's Week besides our own President Carl Lundquist, Dr.

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