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15 Jan

Special Interest : I offer individual therapy to children, adolescents and adults, and have a special interest in couples and family therapy.

The spot is approximately 28km on the N1 North between the Baobab Toll Gate and the Sasol Garage. The full version of the speech is available on this website under the LATEST NEWS button.

Members of the Musina Disability Forum were treated with royalty.

He was speaking at Manenzhe Tribal Council Office during the visit by Musina Mayor, Cllr Mihloti Muhlope.

Manenzhe is one of the five senior traditional leaders who have been allocated seats in the Council of Musina Municipality. As part of celebrating Women’s Month, Musina Municipality organized Women’s Seminar at Musina Showground.

Special Interest : Children & adolescents with emotional, behavioural & educational difficulties. Sexual related issues and disorders, Addictions (including pornography and masturbation). Assessments (including IQ, personality and diagnostics and career) Special Interest : * Anxiety and Stress Management* Depression* Suicidal thoughts* Relationship issues (including Marital/Couples counselling)* Personality Disorders* Self-harming behaviours* Trauma (domestic violence, sexual assault, hijacking, accidents, robberies etc)* Forensics Psychology* Substance Abuse* Conflict Management* Grief and Bereavement* Life Transition Adjustments* Personal Growth Special Interest : Relationship differences Loss and grieving Interpersonal difficulties Trauma debriefing Stress/anxiety management Personal growth and development Work problems Divorce Self esteem Sexual Orientation Career assessments Special Interest : *Couples / Family Counselling * Sexual Identity*Relationship Counselling*Trauma *Post Traumatic Stress Disorder *Suicide *Bereavement *Victim/witness of Criminal Acts (Hijacking, Rape, Mugging, Burglary etc) *HIV / AIDS*Play Therapy Special Interest : I offer both brief and long-term psychodynamically oriented psychotherapy to adolescents, adults and couples and offer a variety of assessment services. I work with adults, adolescents and children, in individual therapy as well as in couples, family and group therapy.Adults with various psychological/psychiatric disorders (for e.g.: depression, anxiety, bipolar and personality disorders). Psychotherapy services includes treatment and management of : Anxiety (panic attacks, OCD) managing overwhelming emotions Depression & mood disorders; Schizophrenia Neurological disorders; Behavior disorders; Eating disorders Learning disabilities; Addictive behaviours Adjustment to physical illness Stress; Trauma/Bereavement/Crisis intervention HIV/AIDS counseling; Sexual identity Personal and family relationship difficulties/divorce/separation Individuals and Couples therapy and marriage counseling Forensic assessments and medico-legal reports in cases of care and custody, integration and reunification of children Special Interest : I conduct both assessments and therapy. Areas of interest:*Depression and Anxiety,*Grief Counselling,*Adjustment to life transitions,*Stress Management,*Anger Management,*Trauma Counselling, and*Psychological Assessments.Also adolescent mental health issues and career assessments Special Interest : Depression, anxiety, phobias, Loss, grief &, bereavement, family and relationship issues, work-related stress, academic issues, self-esteem issues, career issues, career assessment and counselling, private supervision for novice psychologists and supervision training.Study skills Workshops: time management, exam preparation and study skills Special Interest : -Anxiety-Depression-Relationship Problems (Divorce, Marriage, single, couple etc)-Bereavement -Trauma-Substance Abuse;-Stress Management -Anger Management-Vocational Growth/Spiritual Growth-Psychological Assessment (emotional and Academic)-self Esteem-Abuse/Suicide-Career Decision-HIV/AIDS counseling -Family Therapy Special Interest : # Teens, Students and Adults# General anxiety/depression# Relationship strain# Trauma/bereavement# Body image difficulties# Occupational Burnout# Sport/Performance Anxiety# Career Assessments# Workshops & Talks Special Interest : Individual psychotherapy Couples therapy Relationship problems Health-related concerns (HIV/AIDS, cancer, & other chronic illnesses support)Adolescent related issues Growth and personal development Work related issues Bereavement Trauma Adjustment difficulties (due to divorce, loss, relocation, etc)Anxiety Self-esteem/ self-confidence Stress management Behavioral problems Play therapy (for children) Special Interest : ADD/ADHD, Depression, Family Problems, Relationship Counselling, Eating Disorders, Trauma, Self-Esteem, Interpersonal difficulties, Stress/Anxiety Management, Personal Growth/Development Special Interest : Adult and Child Psychotherapy: trauma, anxiety, grief, personal growth, relationship issues, issues related to motherhood/fertility, parent-infant psychotherapy.