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22 May

The company aims at increasing financial inclusion.Beam And Go, a service of Singaporean Beam And Go Pte.Ltd., provides Filipinos and overseas Filipinos with a way to purchase groceries, supplies, health care, insurance, education and prescription medicines, for their friends and families in the Philippines.Acudeen is a peer-to-peer invoice marketplace that allows small and medium-sized enterprises to convert their unclaimed receivables for cash to boost their cash flow.Acudeen, the first online marketplace for invoice discounting in the Philippines, aims at becoming the market leader in the Asia Pacific region.

Lend is a platform providing advising for personal, home, vehicle and business loans.

It analyzes users’ needs to determine the most suitable product.

Paid Up is a mobile app that lets users buy credit upfront from stores in return for exclusive discounts, freebies and rewards.

The app features a list of partner businesses to choose from and includes a payment functionality, allowing customers to register their credit cards and pre-order ahead for pickup.

The survey was conducted by Ipsos to gauge consumers’ views on safer alternatives to conventional cigarettes, such as e-cigarettes that contain nicotine – products that do not burn tobacco and therefore do not produce the potentially dangerous particulates, tar and smoke found with cigarettes.

Eminent international public health and tobacco control experts encourage use of e-cigarettes as a far less harmful alternative for smokers who either find it difficult to quit or who enjoy their nicotine.