Fever dating

15 Apr

The new Public Health England data follows the 19,079 cases that were recorded last year, which was the highest total reported since 1967.

Officials are unsure as to why scarlet fever is continuing its rampage across Wales and England, but experts have previously blamed a fall in living standards.

The infection is also known to strike mostly in the winter and spring months, with a further surge in cases expected as temperatures plummet. It causes a sore throat, fever and rash which can occasionally lead to pneumonia.

Some 17,350 cases of scarlet fever have already been recorded this year - with the final amount set to be calculated next week.

Scarlet fever is a bacterial infection that causes a blotchy, pink-red rash.

In these areas, when it is windy outside and the air is dusty, stay inside and keep windows and doors closed.

While driving, keep car windows closed and use recirculating air conditioning, if available.

It is unknown why there has been such a large increase in reported Valley Fever cases in California in 2016.

While anyone can get Valley Fever, those most at-risk for severe disease include people 60 years or older, African-Americans, Filipinos, pregnant women, and people with diabetes or conditions that weaken their immune system.