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24 Feb

He then proceeded to ramble on and discuss Losique's breasts, telling her, "You know, you should work at Fox here in LA. Fox LA, they have a pole that they dance on." If you decide to watch the video, be forewarned: it's extremely uncomfortable.

But, when it came time to perform her second song of the night, a vocal track for the first song started playing…again.

Ashlee paused, confused, and then broke into a strange dance (it might best be described as a "jig") before wandering off the stage.

One of the many sad truths of celebrity is that, despite all your best efforts, you don't always get to decide when you'll be appearing on camera and what the lenses will capture.

Over the years, a number of actors, musicians, models, and even politicians have been caught on film in some pretty compromising or, at the very least, embarrassing situations.

Years later, Sanders addressed the scandal, referring to it as a "momentary lapse." Before the Stewart/Sanders affair, actor Eddie Cibrian and singer Leann Rimes made headlines when their own "met on the set of a film" love story was caught on camera.The pair had recently costarred in a In 2008, tabloids worldwide shared the news that British actress Sienna Miller was dating actor and producer Balthazar Getty, and things were going great…aside from that whole "married with four kids" thing he had going on.Read on to see who the cameras have busted and what kind of fallout ensued. '…as fellow host Rosie O'Donnell got up and started fanning the air, saying, 'You know those breakfast burritos, they kill ya! This wasn't the first time that Goldberg had been accused of opening the gas pipes in front of the cameras.In 2011, she was interviewing actress Claire Danes when she allegedly let one rip in the middle of Danes' answer about her show Rumors swirled when security cameras caught singer Solange Knowles attacking her brother-in-law, rapper Jay Z, in an elevator at the Standard Hotel in NYC as her sister Beyonce looked on.Potentially devastating for Ford's career, as reporting in 2014 that a second video was said to exist, and that additional footage showing Ford obviously intoxicated in numerous public places had started to appear online.The initial video did end up surfacing via reported, Stewart quickly released a heartfelt, apologetic statement, saying, "I'm deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I've caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected.