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Captain Swanson of C, was a martinet–no one wanted to be under his command; Captain Andrews of the Montgomery True Blues (G) already was making arrangements for his company to be detached as an artillery battery…and so it went.The skirmishers forded the river above the aqueduct “just where the Monocracy River empties into the Potomac” (the spot at the 43 mile marker (i.e. To Captain Simpson, of the Co B, went the credit ‘first man to cross the Potomac’. Their uniforms had been delayed from Columbus, GA, and they would not be uniformed until they reached Norfolk, VA. Next morning, by the bridge, the citizens of the county gathered to be warmed up by the Reverend Mr. The ladies of Wetumpka now presented the company with a new national flag, (the ‘Stars and Bars’) which Lieutenant Storrs, accepting on the Guards’ behalf, said embraced “in its various colors of the red, white, and blue” emblems “of courage, purity, and truth, and having upon it a circle of stars, each of which represents a free and sovereign State.” “Under this flag,”, he said, “we go forth to battle for our rights.” Lieutenant Henry Storrs was the pride of the community, and would have made his father, the late Judge, very proud this day.A few of the men may have been feeling the effects of the night before. Just twenty-two, Henry was a graduate of the University of Virginia, and had just returned home from Cambridge, attaining a law degree from Harvard.The choice appeared to boil down to: Captain Edward Ready of Wetumpka, (Co I) or the erratic Winston Hunter, captain of the Metropolitan Guards (F)–the other Montgomery militia.In the first evening’s balloting, Hunter got the most votes but not a majority.

Ellison was not engaged, his company was held in reserve. The thin grey line of Rodes’ Brigade (consisting of about 1500 men), held off the advance of Mc Clellan’s right wing for a full day. Blackford demanded each company forward its best men. By the Spring, Ellison had been promoted to sergeant.