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16 Feb

In 1923 he accepted the offer of a chair at Breslau University, returning in 1925 to Munich University, where he became the head of the institute of zoology.The institute of zoology was destroyed in the Second World War, and in 1946 Frisch went to work at the University of Graz, remaining there until 1950, when he returned to the Munich institute after it was reopened. Karl von Frisch married Margarete, née Mohr, who died in 1964.Their son, Otto von Frisch, was director of the Brunswick natural history museum between 19.However groups of students and lecturers worked to have him dismissed from the university, preferring a committed National Socialist.Frisch also attracted negative attention for employing Jewish assistants, including many women, and for practicing "Jewish science".

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Frisch studied aspects of animal behaviour, including animal navigation, in the Carniolan honey bee (Apis mellifera carnica), a subspecies of the European honey bee.

Surprisingly, their sensitivity to a "sweet" taste is only slightly stronger than in humans.

In 1912 he became a lecturer in zoology and comparative anatomy there; and in 1919 was promoted to a professorship.

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