Dating obsidian arrowheads

28 Feb

Having a large, heavy stone atl atl projectile point on a small arrow would effectively force the arrow to suddenly dive once released; Sort of like having a duck with a five pound head trying to fly. Rule of thumb: Small projectile point = arrowhead; Large projectile point = atl atl dart point.

Native American people traded obsidian throughout North America.

Each volcano and in some cases each volcanic eruption produces a distinguishable type of obsidian, making it possible for archaeologists to trace the origins of a particular artifact.

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The dart hurled by such a device was long and stout, and tipped with a relatively large, reactively heavy streamline stone projectile point.

Such a projectile point was heavy, serving to provide ample cutting edges and weight to provide inertia to the shaft when powerfully by the human tiny in comparison, and light.