Dating in the middle east

31 Jan

Shortly after coming into power in 1979, the revolutionary Islamic government of Iran issued circulating commemorative coins which caused a bit of a stir in some diplomatic circles.The event was celebrated with a national holiday and the release of two circulating commeomorative coins: a 25.1mm bi-metallic 1 Pound coin and a 23mm brass-plated steel 50 Piastres, both dated 2015. One side of the coin features the logo of the Suez Canal Authority which depicts two passing ships.The other side includes the denomination in both Arabic and English and the AH and AD date in Arabic.This silver Tanka of Husayn prominently features the words "beh bud" on the coin.The Persian phrase "beh bud" means "it was good", perhaps to assure merchants that the coins were made of good silver or maybe to indicate his reign as a time of prosperity.

Dead Sea Scrolls scholar Michael Langlois, who is on the Near East studies faculty at the University of Strasbourg in France, told last year that he contacted the museum to report what he believed was a forgery in its collection and asked to inspect it.“I was told that Green is not interested in finding out whether his scrolls are genuine or not,” Langlois says.