Dating disabled head over wheels

31 Dec

But Keyshot really is superbly easy to use: Import – wait – image!This tip applies to everyone: know what your good bits are and flaunt them (but ladies in chairs, watch out if you have a killer cleavage; that 6ft guy will be able to see three times as much of it as you can…. )So come on, let’s make the most of what we’ve got, and make ‘Clothing for Disabled Users’ a sexy phrase!It’s hard to imagine how you could take the most loved-up rendering software of 2013 and make it better. I’d buy it just for the new user interface, but there’s so much more in this release. Well, you’ll need to read on to find out, but if you’re looking for a canned demo of what’s new, there’s a video further down this page that wraps it all up nicely.I also wear tights and dolly shoes because I don’t really care what my feet look like most of the time, but my foolproof method is there if I’m ever having a self-conscious day.I also try to go bright with my hair, make up and top or dress, so that the attention is drawn up my body, instead of down to the rubbish bits.

The only advice I can give in this situation is, if your arms are pretty limited like mine and you struggle to use hidden zips, just go for comfy over-your-head dresses that you’ll look just as gorgeous in, as you’ll be able to relax and smile.I am relatively unfortunate that, unlike the familiar phrase, I actually look like I have two right feet.It’s not a living organism that changes between uses, you just get used to where the buttons are – so “easy” is a bit of a meaningless quality here.Sadly, this is also where I started to find some limitations.Never a great idea when you’re sitting down with them digging into your hips, or when they decide to slide down just as you need to transfer or crawl up a flight of stairs. So nowadays I stick to maxi dresses and high-rise pencil skirts. And the cherry on top is that, although it gives me hourglass curves, I struggle to breathe when sat down in it.As a result, it comes out on extremely special occasions, aka never.I look at the colours on offer, choose my size and almost click the ‘buy’ button. Whether or not they suit my wheelchair, however, is a different story.Welcome to the world of disability fashion – a sector that needs much more coverage if it’s ever going to thrive.