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27 Dec

(By the time we hit the ocean)Reaching around his back, he pulls out a dagger.So when the day Bakura said yes to my confession, I honestly thought I won the lottery.(Through the screen door, your thoughts are quarantined) Bakura was truly a gentleman and most definitely a sweetheart. I felt like a princess parading my new crown.(what the crickets see is between you and me)One of the students, some second year boy, has gone missing.Coy hands brush shyly against mine, those slender fingers grasp my hands. Its been a week since his disappearance and still no clues or head way as to where the boy is.It was a little unsettling at first but, I can't help but get excited.(we're really into something special little girl)My friend Kai-kun disappeared.It was late at night when I arrived at Bakura's apartment.

My face warms over with embarrassment but I feel my body tense; mouth gaped open in a silent spasm, feeling Bakura groan nearing his end.

In the 7 months we been together, I don't seem to remember when Bakura started using handcuffs on me.