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18 Apr

Not enough to kickstart an ice age, but it had some minimal effect. Finally, a weak jet stream dropped supercold air farther south into Europe — thus the winters in Europe were extraordinarily bitter, but summers weren’t all that affected, and other regions of the world were spared the worst outcomes from all this.Mind you — and this is fairly important — there’s evidence that the Little Ice Age began long before the Maunder Minimum.It may have actually been more like series of cold pulses that started Chill, dude So where does that leave us?The changes we see in our climate (historically and currently) are actually from other sources; changes in the shape of the Earth’s orbit, for example, or the chemistry in our atmosphere.It’s that last part that’s so concerning right now; carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, and we’ve been nonchalantly pumping megatons of it into the air for a long time now.

That’s the clear cause of the modern global warming despite what deniers claim.

Having said all that, the sunspot cycle may have a very small effect on climate.

The jet stream strength and direction depends on many factors, including, of all things, ozone.