Club penguin online dating

07 Apr

In the game Bean Counter, a large anvil sometimes drops on your penguin.

That's how I play CP :) Ok now that the contest is over, Club Penguin Land Question Corner is being back on schedule.

Same rules you leave questions, I answer them :) Please leave a comment below to ask a question and I might answer it next week! In the mean time, let's do more questions :)Let's seen how many questions I can get this year!

ex, throwing snowballs, cheating on one another, making hearts, going in other peoples igloos other than your gf/bf, etc.

• The online game let kids interact with each other as digital penguins.• It spawned a lot of funny memes.• Even though people haven't played it in years, the internet is mourning its demise.

I honestly think that is is a waste of time because I never use my other 2 penguins. Send a picture of your penguin with a user name, and give a brief description of why you want to be a CPL Agent.