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17 Dec

Stay up to date: Subscribe to our Blog Subscribe to our Youtube channel Follow us on Twitter Join our mailing list Follow our livestream - we sometimes code live on twitch It should be called the mail room and there are delivery parcels.

Of course the guards stationed in the mail room where the sorting is done could be trying to avoid all form of communication that may happen between different security levels/cell blocks, but may not be a 100% efficient at it. These are for prisoners; So firstly I really want the deployment to have more advancement, so just say that you would want to only deploy maximum and medium in one zone but not protective, minimum or death row in a canteen together, then in deployment you click on maximum and medium and put them in to one zone. I want this because i want protective custody and minimum to be together because minimum are less likely to assassinate snitches (this could be shown in the deployment as half yellow and half grey in a canteen).

My second suggestion is that requirement for certain things such as filing cabinet, computers, phones and drink machine should have mechanics applied to them such as filing cabinets have plans of the prison (which makes it easier for them to escape) and prisoner can sneakily get a mobile phone and take a photo of the plans and go back to their room at night and start digging underground.

The later, namingly prisoners writing their own mail, would allow for various interesting concepts:- They could arrange contraband thwow-ins (especially when you are espionaging their calls) and stuff like it- The prisoners might use it as a way to smuggle contraband from a security level to another security level, because the prisoners working at the central mail room rather than packing the mail for the export zone are redirecting the mail to go to another post office where another prisoner might pick up the contraband smuggled that way.

Which would make it increasingly more difficult to prevent contraband from getting into max-security areas since eventually they might get it from somebody in a lower security area through the mail system.

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