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09 Apr

The resistance to this thesis, he proposes, stems from a desire to see Christianity as a counter-cultural resistance movement, deeply antipathetic to Roman imperial power.The current entry for P52 in the LDAB assigns the following date range: Grenfell and Hunt have been criticized for dating the codices too late, but the criticisms against their late dating have been “refuted by B. Thiede in a series of articles and books dealing with P64 67 4, of which fragments are kept in Magdalene College Oxford, Paris and Montserrat. O’Callaghan and Thiede even found Gospel fragments among the Greek papyri from Qumran (LDAB 68), which were certainly written before the suppression of the Jewish revolt in AD 69.Nongbri: has been put to the test by some New Testament scholars, who argue for an earlier date for most of our oldest New Testament papyri and propose a first century date for several of these. The more one reads of scholarly works the more one learns not to be overwhelmed by pages of footnotes and detail.Details, however copious, still need to be evaluated.Scholarly publications that appear to be so thorough and authoritative need to be evaluated on the basis of the evidence actually supplied for their arguments.

The second edition of Comfort–Barrett, with some corrections, was given a reasonably positive review in 2001 by M. Robinson in the same ; the reviewer concluded that this was “a useful primer for the student of New Testament papyri”, though he also stressed that “Comfort–Barrett appear to apply their own palaeographical criteria in dating various manuscripts and tend to claim an earlier date for many manuscripts included in their volume than might be allowed by other palaeographers“.

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