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21 Mar

You can also purchase used phones, but make sure you do so from a reputable vendor.Colombia also has several smaller MVNOs, including: Virgin Mobile (which uses Movistar’s network and has a bit over 1 million subscribers) and several others that I understand use Tigo’s network including Exito, Uff!, ETB and UNE, each with relatively small subscriber bases.A postpaid phone will be cheaper (subsidized) but will require signing a contract and also will require a Colombian ID (cedula).I personally would recommend against buying a cell phone in one of the Claro, Movistar or Tigo stores as you can find cheaper cell phones in other locations.

You can also buy cell phones through mobile service providers.

To buy cell phones in Colombia most vendors typically will require an ID, either a passport or Colombian ID.

The company has the largest wireless network and typically has the best wireless network coverage throughout the country, including the smaller pueblos.

Colombia has two additional major mobile competitors in Colombia: Movistar, the local Colombia brand of Spain-based Telefónica; and Tigo, the local brand of Sweden-based Millicom.

Each of the three major mobile phone providers has stores in most of the malls in the cities in Colombia.

They also have smaller kiosks set up in many grocery stores such as Exito and Jumbo.

In Medellín, two good places to buy cell phones are Monterrey, Medellin’s technology mall, or in El Centro. I recently bought a new unlocked Samsung S5 Mini in a store in Monterrey with a price of 900,000 pesos (9).

On Amazon the same unlocked cell phone sells for 6.29.

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