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24 Jul

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The first same-sex marriage in French Polynesia took place on the island of Mo'orea in July 2013.

By February 2014, 11 same-sex marriages had occurred in New Caledonia, representing 1.7% of all marriages.

The marriage was not recorded in order to prevent a subsequent nullification, and Vila described it as a "militant act", saying that: "There are times when it is necessary to act outside the law.

Refusing homosexual marriage is to deny the reality of thousands of couples." The French Government's reaction was mixed: junior Families Minister Claude Greff called the event a "provocation on the eve of the presidential election" in 2012, while Solidarity Minister Roselyne Bachelot stated that she supported same-sex marriage but that the ceremony was "not the best way to advance the cause".

In 2013, following the implementation of same-sex marriage laws in France, approximately 7,000 same-sex couples legally married in the nation.

These unions made up around 3% of all marriages in France in that time, with three out of every five same-sex marriages involving male couples rather than female couples.